Vinod Anand, after 27 years experience as a professional engineer, started Viadit Engineers in the year 1987 as an engineering company dedicated to ornamental and decorative metalwork for the hospitality industry. Today, Viadit is totally dedicated to high quality metal work meeting international standards and has supplied products to a large number of projects worldwide.

Castings in brass, aluminium, steel, stainless steel and cast iron are produced under strict quality control and meet the international standards of safety and finish. The factory is equipped with a machine shop, fabrication shop, polishing and finishing department and an assembly facility. The quality control department consists of well-trained inspectors headed by a General Manager.

Factory Location : Faridabad (12 kms from Delhi center)
Area : 3,000 sq Yards
Built up area : 16,000 sq.Feet
Full standby generating capacity through installed diesel generators
Facilities : Machine Shop, Turning, Milling, Drilling, Grinding, Buffing and Polishing
Lacquer and Paint shop: Dust controlled Lacquering and Painting booths with Ultrasonic Cleaning facility
Assembly Shop : Well-trained fitters with assembly tools and facilities
Electric fitting Shop : Lighting fittings with Testing Equipment.
Quality control : Team of 5 inspection staff under the General Manager
Packing and dispatch : 1,500 sq ft area with trained staff for packing and dispatch.
Total strength : 50